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Predicting Healthy Aging – Dr. Mark Miller

Dr. Mark Miller

Western societies are facing a series of major challenges that represent a potential healthcare tsunami in the next few decades. They are the combined forces of the population demographic group known as the Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 – 1964) and consequences of altered diet and lifestyle resulting in obesity. Thus, the elderly population is growing in stature – both physically and numerically.

Given the expanding numbers of the older population and the burden that their numbers and poor health have on healthcare resources, it is timely to evaluate the determinants of healthy aging. If we could direct efforts early so this population bubble was in better health as they age, it would have dramatic effects on the costs to society. So what are the predictors of healthy aging?

A recent publication out of Harvard in the British Medical Journal (Sun et al., 2009) shed some important insight. Using data from the Nurses Health study they determined that weight gain at middle age was a strong predictor for health at age 70. This was a prospective study where over 17,000 nurses were evaluated from 1976 (at a mean age of 50) to 2000. Being healthy was defined as being free of cognitive, mental health or physical health deficits as well as free of 11 major chronic illnesses. The latter were diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease etc.

Stunningly only 9.9% on nurses that enrolled in the study in 1976 were healthy at age 70! In other words over more than 9 out 10 were unhealthy as they aged. After adjustments for lifestyles and dietary variables a major determinant of healthy aging was weight at middles age. Indeed it was linearly related, so that for every 2.2 pounds of weight put on between the ages of 18 and 50, the chances of being healthy at 70 went down by 5%. So if you gained 22 pounds your chances were reduced by 50%. Do your own personal math and calculate your risk. Frightening and this is for the population that lived to age 70. The focus was on healthy aging not longevity.

The lowest odds for healthy aging were those that were overweight at age 18 and gained more weight with age. Indeed, in this study 37% of the participants had both a chronic disease and at least one limitation (physical, mental or cognitive) and 55% had more than one limitation. In contrast if you maintained a healthy and stable body weight your chances for healthy aging improved dramatically.

The study pointed out some of the attributes that were associated with those that aged in a healthy manner versus those that did not. These include:

  • More physically active
  • Lower dietary intake of saturated fatty acids, trans fats and red meat
  • Higher dietary intake of PUFA /Saturated fats, alcohol intake, cereal fiber and fruits & vegetables.
  • Less likely to be a smoker
  • Better educated

It appears that choices are major determinants of healthy aging, especially choices related to obesity and weight gain. Those individuals that maintain a stable healthy weight over their lifetime are far more likely to enjoy a healthy status as elderly citizens. This has a massive bearing on societal issues as noted at the beginning given the population bubble of Baby Boomers and the costs associated with managing poor health and aging.

Apparently size matters, and healthy aging is certainly determined by weight gain in adulthood.

Mark JS Miller, PhD, MBA, FACN

Advocare Tools to Help with Healthy Aging



A two-supplement system designed for your specific stage of life. Featuring AdvoCare BioTune® and BioCharge®.


  • Helps with cellular and muscle repair, accelerating recovery*
  • Promotes lean muscle mass and performance*
  • Provides a caffeine-free source of energy*


  • Promotes internal balance and healthy aging*
  • Encourages youthful responses to physical stress and challenges*
  • Formulated with a unique nutrient/herbal blend that helps support cardiovascular, bone and joint, and gastrointestinal systems.*


BioCharge® is designed to facilitate the restoration of our epigenome status to a more youthful setting.* This anti-aging action is accomplished through antioxidant rich botanicals combined with B vitamins and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs).* BCAAs are critical for activation of genetic resources in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue. During exercise the presence of BCAAs helps promote the genetic code that leads to lean body mass, improved muscle performance and recovery.

Delayed recovery from exercise is a hallmark of aging. For those who do not maintain an active lifestyle, twinges, aches, stiffness and pains may be a common and constant companion. An imbalance in the epigenome is a major contributor to these events. In addition to the BCAAs, the botanicals in BioCharge are known to help correct these imbalances in the epigenome and provide anti-inflammatory actions.*

Taurine and B vitamins within BioCharge address the loss of energy that Baby Boomers feel.* Non-jittery energy that is focused and sustained is a characteristic of these components.* Since some Boomers can be less tolerant of some of the effects of caffeine, BioCharge is caffeine free.


Ingredient research has shown that nutrients in BioTune are able to help restore the use of genetic resources.* They do not change the DNA code – we inherit that code from our parents. But how we use that code has a large bearing on our health.

Think of the genetic code like the hardware in a computer. It does not change and is the same in all cells, whether they are skin, nerves, liver or muscle. However, what tells those cells to act in the correct manner and perform their assigned roles and functions are a series of molecular switches called the “epigenome”. If the DNA is the hardware, then these switches are the software that determines how cells act and function.

Over time, or due to poor nutrition and environmental factors the software program can shift in its performance. This dysfunction in our cellular software can contribute to the problems that we collectively call Boomeritis and other conditions associated with aging.

The ingredients in BioTune are naturally occurring substances with ingredient research support demonstrating their actions as guardians of the epigenome. These materials possess complex chemical structures and work in a variety of ways, with the combination bringing diverse approaches to health and wellness through a multitude of actions.* The end result is a more youthful feeling that results from synchronizing your genes with nature.*

Visit Advocare’s Science & Medical Advosory Board by clicking here.

See the member’s of the Science & Medical Advisory Board.


1) Sun Q et al. 2009. Adiposity and weight gain in mid-life in relation to healthy survival after age 70 in women: prospective cohort study. BMJ 339: b3796 doi: 10.1136/bmj.b3796



Memorial Day and Advocare’s Support of the Armed Forces

Logo Star Spangled_n

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday which occurs every year on the final Monday of May. Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Formerly known as Decoration Day, it originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the Civil War. By the 20th century Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died while in the military service.

Advocare’s Support of US Armed Forces is Another Show of Their Character

We stand together with those who stand for so much. With your support we will continue to make a difference with this worthy cause.

There is an opportunity for all of AdvoCare to give, strengthen, and make a difference for families in the moments they need it most.

You can help today. Visit Operation Homefront or a local chapter to find out more about how you can get involved!

Operation Homefront


Operation Homefront Receives Major Contribution From Advocare

Advocare Donation to Operation Homefront

Advocare Donation to Operation Homefront

At the Success School National Conference held in Fort Worth, Texas, AdvoCare pledged $250,000 for our troops and their families. The sizeable check was presented to Operation Homefront during a special reception at the health and wellness company’s annual conference.

AdvoCare President and CEO Richard Wright says,“Operation Homefront’s mission thrives on helping those who so selflessly defend our nation. We are grateful for the selfless courage of these men and women, and this is just one way we, as a company can give back and show our support.”

Please show your support and make your donation today!

Donate to Operation Homefront

Donate to Operation Homefront

Story of Financial Success and Weight Loss

Pannell's Weight Loss and Success

Weight Loss, Financial Freedom, Success…all things I wanted.  But how do I get it?  I heard someone say once, if you want to do something, find someone else that has done it, and do what they did.  Pretty simple isn’t it?  So, Advocare found me at a family reunion.  My cousin and her husband had lost a lot of weight, how’d they do it.  Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge, well I can do that.  Just do what they did.  In 24 days, I lost 18 pounds and 18 inches, went from a size 42 pant, to a size 38.  Had more energy than I had in a decade.  I’m now down over 35 pounds, and training hard, and loving it.

OK, Financial Success is next, I want that freedom.  Who can show me the way?  In come Jason and Angela Pannell.  They lead the organization I belong to in Advocare, and they are one of many in the group that can show me the way.  Here is their story.

A Story of Financial Success and Weight Loss with Jason & Angela Pannell – Tennessee

Our story is simple. We’d been inner city youth directors in Ohio for five years and felt the call to be church planters and get back to our home state of Tennessee.

In the fall of 2007 we moved to Dallas en route to Nashville, Tenn. to pursue our calling. This would be a relaxing, stress free move and everything would flow seamlessly together – so we thought.

Three months into our stay the economy began to plummet, and we ended up taking on extra jobs just to keep our heads above water. The year rolled around and we found ourselves working five jobs, barely scraping by and living on credit cards. While in Dallas we learned about church planting, grew in our marriage and were trying to get ahead financially, but as the move to Nashville grew closer we realized we did all of these things but remained in debt.

In November 2008, we knew things were about to change. That’s when I ran in a half marathon and met Crystal Thurber. We set up a meeting at the AdvoCare home office and I saw “IT”. Not just “IT” but ALL of it – Hope, character, integrity and passion. I found a company that is guided by the same principles that guide me. And, a company offering physical and financial hope.

Being a sports enthusiast, the endorsers blew me away! I was sold on the products and my immediate words for Crystal were, “Show me the money.”  (See the Advocare Endorsers by clicking here)

Crystal told me about the Rookie Bonus, and it was then I knew this was for us. In that economy, where would we go to find an opportunity to earn $1,000-$6,000 every two weeks for the first year of work? Angela and I went to an AdvoCare meeting and a day later became Advisors.

We immediately began taking products, and the results were astounding! Angela went from a size eight to a two, lost four percent body fat and maintained her weight by putting on lean muscle. I lost 11 pounds, four percent body fat and three inches from my waist! We are in better shape now than we were in our early 20s.  (Check out Advocare’s Weight Loss System)

With a great product and a simple business plan, we went to work without knowing a soul in Dallas. Crystal told us to put her on the phone with as many people as we could, as fast as we could and as often as we could, and she would share her story and help them decide where they best fit with AdvoCare.

Financial Freedom Defined - The Pannels

Financial Freedom Defined – The Pannel Family Video Click Here!

Our first Success School took place three months into our journey, and 26 of our team members joined us. Crystal taught us the power of connecting while empowering us with confidence.  (Check out this video about Success School)

We earned eight Rookie Bonuses totaling $22,000, $50,000 first place in the Field of Dreams Incentive, and an incredible vacation to Peter Island – all within our first year. We went from working five jobs to one and making $148,000! We were blown away by the leadership of AdvoCare but more so, by the simple business practice of serving others.

We were finally able to make the move to Tennessee without the fears of debt but with the vehicle to live a life of freedom.


Learn more about becoming debt free with the FREE Debt Busters program Advocare provides.  If you are an Advocare Distributor, the system is completely FREE!

Become a Distributor

Become a Distributor Today!


Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge – More than Weight Loss

24 Day Challenge Weight Loss Program

The 24-Day Challenge is a weight loss PROGRAM that is producing amazing results.  Users like you have been, on average, losing 10 inches and 10 lbs in just 24 DAYS. Energize your mind and body, feed your muscles and starve your fat as you lose inches, improve health and melt away body fat in a way that will fit into your busy life and be realistic for any hectic schedule. This jump start program will teach your body to continue losing body fat and increasing lean muscle.

But it is more than just weight loss, it is weight management.  It’s pretty straight-forward, really.

The AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge is a simple program, created by doctors and nutritionists (see our Sci-Med Board), and designed to “kick-start” weight-loss, increase the metabolism and purify the digestive system.

And yes, the “10 lbs and 10 inches” claim? Those are average results. We recommend this nutritional program for our friends, family, and customers, and they routinely enjoy even more impressive results than the “10 lbs and 10 inches” numbers that Advocare quotes.

But as impressive as they are, we’ve found that the initial pounds and inches are really only the first of many benefits this program can help our patients achieve. Because believe it or not, the 24-Day Challenge actually is not designed to be a “quick weight loss” program (even though it can be pretty impressive in that department).

The 24 Day Challenge Weight Loss Program

What the 24 Day Challenge is really about.

As we all know, good habits are simply the repetition of things that are good for us. The 24-Day Challenge is just that — the repetition of things that are good for us. By the time we complete the challenge we have accumulated almost a month’s worth of good nutrition, good routines and good thinking processes, and that simply means that maintaining our newer, lighter, more energetic and better looking body is much easier than it would be with a fad diet program.

As an Advocare Distributor I recommend a balanced nutritional program designed to make real improvements in your lives, I love this program.

Because even though short-term “band-aids” for various conditions can seem to be helpful (like aspirin for back pain, for example), they’re just treating the symptoms of the problem (the pain) — not fixing the cause of that pain. And while this Challenge does help you lose body fat quickly, it also helps prepare you for a much better life afterward by teaching you the simple principles about food, metabolism and exercise that no “fad diet” ever begins to address.

Like most Americans, our patients are often surprised at how simple — and pleasant — it can be to eat clean food, cleanse the digestive system and begin to enjoy an active, vital life again. The AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge does a great job of teaching the simple truths needed for great personal health, and that is why I recommend it. Weight loss is only one of the benefits this program offers.

I like that the Challenge is completely safe and available to the general public, no prescription or doctor’s visit necessary (although before beginning any change to your exercise and health regimen you should check with your physician.)

What is the 24 Day Challenge Weight Loss Program?

Here’s what the Weight Loss Challenge can do for you:

  • Give you coaching and support throughout
  • Ensure 2-4 convenient and balanced meals per day
  • Burn excess body fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Boost your body’s metabolism
  • Improve nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Increase natural energy levels
  • Cut cravings and fill nutritional “gaps”
  • Minimize aches, pains and chronic inflammation
  • Increase immune system function
  • Teach real-world, simple lifestyle habits you can easily maintain
  • Provide a convenient, affordable solution for health problems and obesity
  • Ready to try the 24-Day Challenge for your yourself?

Are you ready for weight loss results?

You can purchase the complete bundle from our microsite by clicking here: PURCHASE THE ADVOCARE 24-DAY CHALLENGE HERE. You’ll find all the info you need, plus you’ll see the complete product list, answers to common questions and some simple instructions on how to use the program. Shipping is quick, and we have found Advocare’s customer service to be top notch!

Receive 20% – 40% off your purchases, for life!

NOTE: Advocare also offers a program that enables you to get a 20-40% discount on all of their highly-rated products — the same discount I get today. To learn more about this discount, click here.

Distributor Kit

20% – 40% Discount

In the end, the 24-Day Challenge is a tool. It’s safe, it’s effective, it’s convenient and it’s affordable. And like any tool, it requires YOU to do a little work. Are you willing to take this small step, invest a little time and a little effort and see what kind of “you” is possible? If you are, I’d love to help you!

What is Hydration? Advocare’s Rehydrate Gel is the Answer

What is Hydration?  It is Advocare’s Rehydrate Gel and it is ON SALE FOR THE MONTH OF MAY 2013!!!

  • Encourages optimal performance through electrolyte balance
  • Allows for immediate and sustained energy with Sequential Carbs
  • Facilitates hydration in conjunction with plenty of water
  • Lemon flavor with only 80 calories
  • On-the-go portable and convenient pouch
Advcoare Rehydrate Gel

What is Hydration? Advocare Rehydrate Gel, the fastest way to rehydrate. Hydration in a convenient gel pack.

Rehydrate Gel is an electrolyte replacement energy gel designed to help you enjoy activity at your highest level. With a light lemon flavor and just 80 calories, this portable pouch is easy to use and carry during the most strenuous exercise. Whether you want to boost, replenish or recover, Rehydrate Gel provides the electrolytes and carbohydrates you need to help you get the most out of any run, workout, swim or ride.

Electrolyte balance is crucial when enduring intense physical activity. Rehydrate Gel releases Sequential Carbs, which are carbohydrates your body uses in three stages, allowing you to benefit from immediate and sustained energy.

  1. Boost your energy before a strenuous or enduring activity to get a great head start. It’s always best to minimize the chances of your body being depleted of valuable nutrients by staying ahead.
  2. Replenish your body during exercise to achieve your best effort. Take Rehydrate Gel during activity to replace the electrolytes and carbs that have been burned.
  3. Recover efficiently. Recovery is vital for endurance athletes and important for anyone who lives an active lifestyle.


  • Endurance athletes (runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, etc.)
  • Team sport athletes (baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, etc.)
  • Anyone desiring a great source of electrolytes and carbohydrates


Boost – 1 pouch 15 minutes before activity
Replenish – 1-2 pouches for every hour of activity
Recover – 1 pouch immediately after activity

Always drink plenty of water when exercising.


What Professional Athletes Endorse Advocare’s Rehydrate Gel?

Alan_Belcher large adam_burish large bob_gilder large

Get Instant Hydration Today by Ordering here!  Just follow the link below


Advocare’s Guiding Principles

Charlie Ragus

Charlie Ragus developed 10 principles that guide our direction and are the basis of our success.

Driven by a desire to help people improve their life nutritionally and financially, Charlie Ragus founded AdvoCare in 1993. He chose the name AdvoCare to communicate his commitment to be an advocate who cared.

Today, AdvoCare carries on with Mr. Ragus’ vision and commitment to offer products and an opportunity for financial freedom to people of all walks of life.

Advocare’s 10 principles that guide our direction and are the basis of our success:

  1. Honor God through our faith, family and friends.
  2. Respect and strengthen the family.
  3. Believe in the dignity and the importance of the individual.
  4. Create a standard of excellence recognized as superior by the direct sales industry.
  5. Believe that honor, integrity and principles are the foundation of a great life and company.
  6. Commit to mutual loyalty and trust between AdvoCare and its Distributors.
  7. Establish and continually improve the vehicle of opportunity and the pursuit of financial freedom for all AdvoCare Distributors.
  8. Commit to ongoing personal growth and development through professional training and educational programs.
  9. Build self-esteem by promoting a sense of personal worth among all people.
  10. Continually expand our market by providing the most effective and highest quality products and service available.

Amy Anderson of Forbes Magazine said: “If I could teach only one value to live by, it would be this: Success will come and go, but integrity is forever. Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching. It takes having the courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences will be. Building a reputation of integrity takes years, but it takes only a second to lose, so never allow yourself to ever do anything that would damage your integrity.”

Charlie built that in as a guiding principle that we all need to follow to move forward in our business.

The AdvoCare Vision Statement:


We believe that in the heart of every person is the desire to become more in life – to be a champion. That’s why we offer a proven business opportunity, world-class nutritional products, and powerful leadership development within a culture that stands for values and integrity. Thousands of people are realizing their potential and changing lives.

You can, too.