Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge – More than Weight Loss

24 Day Challenge Weight Loss Program

The 24-Day Challenge is a weight loss PROGRAM that is producing amazing results.  Users like you have been, on average, losing 10 inches and 10 lbs in just 24 DAYS. Energize your mind and body, feed your muscles and starve your fat as you lose inches, improve health and melt away body fat in a way that will fit into your busy life and be realistic for any hectic schedule. This jump start program will teach your body to continue losing body fat and increasing lean muscle.

But it is more than just weight loss, it is weight management.  It’s pretty straight-forward, really.

The AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge is a simple program, created by doctors and nutritionists (see our Sci-Med Board), and designed to “kick-start” weight-loss, increase the metabolism and purify the digestive system.

And yes, the “10 lbs and 10 inches” claim? Those are average results. We recommend this nutritional program for our friends, family, and customers, and they routinely enjoy even more impressive results than the “10 lbs and 10 inches” numbers that Advocare quotes.

But as impressive as they are, we’ve found that the initial pounds and inches are really only the first of many benefits this program can help our patients achieve. Because believe it or not, the 24-Day Challenge actually is not designed to be a “quick weight loss” program (even though it can be pretty impressive in that department).

The 24 Day Challenge Weight Loss Program

What the 24 Day Challenge is really about.

As we all know, good habits are simply the repetition of things that are good for us. The 24-Day Challenge is just that — the repetition of things that are good for us. By the time we complete the challenge we have accumulated almost a month’s worth of good nutrition, good routines and good thinking processes, and that simply means that maintaining our newer, lighter, more energetic and better looking body is much easier than it would be with a fad diet program.

As an Advocare Distributor I recommend a balanced nutritional program designed to make real improvements in your lives, I love this program.

Because even though short-term “band-aids” for various conditions can seem to be helpful (like aspirin for back pain, for example), they’re just treating the symptoms of the problem (the pain) — not fixing the cause of that pain. And while this Challenge does help you lose body fat quickly, it also helps prepare you for a much better life afterward by teaching you the simple principles about food, metabolism and exercise that no “fad diet” ever begins to address.

Like most Americans, our patients are often surprised at how simple — and pleasant — it can be to eat clean food, cleanse the digestive system and begin to enjoy an active, vital life again. The AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge does a great job of teaching the simple truths needed for great personal health, and that is why I recommend it. Weight loss is only one of the benefits this program offers.

I like that the Challenge is completely safe and available to the general public, no prescription or doctor’s visit necessary (although before beginning any change to your exercise and health regimen you should check with your physician.)

What is the 24 Day Challenge Weight Loss Program?

Here’s what the Weight Loss Challenge can do for you:

  • Give you coaching and support throughout
  • Ensure 2-4 convenient and balanced meals per day
  • Burn excess body fat
  • Build lean muscle
  • Boost your body’s metabolism
  • Improve nutrient absorption and digestion
  • Increase natural energy levels
  • Cut cravings and fill nutritional “gaps”
  • Minimize aches, pains and chronic inflammation
  • Increase immune system function
  • Teach real-world, simple lifestyle habits you can easily maintain
  • Provide a convenient, affordable solution for health problems and obesity
  • Ready to try the 24-Day Challenge for your yourself?

Are you ready for weight loss results?

You can purchase the complete bundle from our microsite by clicking here: PURCHASE THE ADVOCARE 24-DAY CHALLENGE HERE. You’ll find all the info you need, plus you’ll see the complete product list, answers to common questions and some simple instructions on how to use the program. Shipping is quick, and we have found Advocare’s customer service to be top notch!

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NOTE: Advocare also offers a program that enables you to get a 20-40% discount on all of their highly-rated products — the same discount I get today. To learn more about this discount, click here.

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In the end, the 24-Day Challenge is a tool. It’s safe, it’s effective, it’s convenient and it’s affordable. And like any tool, it requires YOU to do a little work. Are you willing to take this small step, invest a little time and a little effort and see what kind of “you” is possible? If you are, I’d love to help you!

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